We expect to partner with:

Animated Title: Center for Research Innovation, Northeastern University

The Center for Research Innovation (CRI) serves as the nexus of inspiration and invention, empowering Northeastern innovators and entrepreneurs to transform their boldest ideas into societal impact. The center focuses on the translation of university innovations into tangible solutions through licenses, spinouts and collaborations.

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Animated title: Institute for Experiential Robotics

Experiential Robotics addresses interdisciplinary research questions to advance the capabilities of autonomous robots to perform everyday tasks in collaboration with humans.

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Animated title: The Roux Institute

In 2020, Northeastern launched the Roux Institute with tech entrepreneur DavidRoux to build expertise at the intersection of humans and machines. Northeastern’s Roux Institute is designed to spur innovation, build talent, and drive economic growth in Portland, the state of Maine, and the Northeast.

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Animated Tilte: College of Engineering

The College of Engineering at Northeastern University offers an interdisciplinary, experiential educational opportunity for engineering students combining rigorous academics, R1 research, and a top-ranked co-op program.The College of Engineering at Northeastern develops the next generation of engineering leaders capable of addressing the complex challenges of the world to make a difference in society.

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