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About NEXT Innovation 

NEXT Innovation Lab at Northeastern University conducts research on Entrepreneurial and Innovation Strategies and their impact on firm performance, individuals, and society.

The Lab was conceived as a dynamic catalyst and intellectual hub to the vibrant ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship at Northeastern’s growing global network. We bring the latest frameworks and tools in management research to support and amplify the impact of the work carried out by researchers and centers at Northeastern and beyond.

NEXT Innovation Lab acts as a interdisciplinary bridge that connects management scholars with technologists, scientists and practitioners in different fields and sectors, providing organizational, market and methodological expertise to increase the likelihood of success of entrepreneurial and innovation initiatives. Our research programs can be directed either to ecosystem initiatives or specific projects.

NEXT Innovation Lab has special interest in studying how to ensure healthy human-technology interactions. With this aim, the Lab can serve as an experimental platform for new technologies with a focus on: 

NEXT Innovation Lab fosters collaborations with different external stakeholders, including:

Welcome to NEXT Innovation Lab. Discover the type of cutting-edge research on entrepreneurial and innovation strategies our lab does, and join or partner with us.